COVID-19 Temp Permission

Alternate procedure for Extension of privileges when it is impracticable for the Examiner to physically enter COVID-19 extended ratings in the Pilots licence. 

COVID-19 will in many cases make personal contact between an Examiner and a Pilot impossible or impracticable. Using different kinds of postal delivery systems, sending licences by mail between the Examiner and the pilot has also proven difficult and time consuming and in some cases licences have been lost.

When logistics makes it impracticable for an Examiner to get access to a Pilots licence this procedure may be used as an acceptable way of extending a Pilots privileges without entering extended details in the Pilots licence.

The “Temporary permission to exercise privileges” may be used as an alternative to extending privileges in the Pilots licence.

The Examiner may fill out this form after requirements for briefing and knowledge check according to AIC B 08/21  has been verified.

The Examiner will then email this form to the Pilot who will print it and sign it. This form and the privileges it provides are then valid when carried together with the licence.

Once the Examiner has completed this form he or she will email this form both to the Pilot and to

Note that it does not need to be signed by the pilot, before sending it to TBST. Just like the regular licence, this temporary permission will not be valid until it is signed, and this is solely the responsibility of the Pilot.

This form can be issued by both Danish and non-Danish Examiners.

Important : With introduction of AIC B 08/21 this form can only be used to extend Instructor privileges!!