General requirements

General requirements

Danish certified Examiners are in their Examiner certificate endorsed to revalidate and renew ratings in Danish pilots licences. This approval does not apply for pilots with non-Danish licences unless specifically approved by the relevant competent Authority.

To ensure that Danish Examiners are fully comfortable with this procedure, it is part of the Examiner edducation in case of new Examiners, and it is also part of the revalidation/renewal process for Examiners.

This procedure is established as a quick reference for Examiners to use.

In case an Examiner is not completely confident, when in the process of endorsing a licence, it is very important, that the competent authority is contacted, to avoid any incorrect endorsed pilots.

The following steps must be carefully observed by Examiners, when endorsing a licence:

  • Only ratings existing on page 4 in the licence can be revalidated/renewed without involvement of the Authority
  • The revalidated/renewed rating must be entered the licence exactly as it is written on page 4 (except SP class and type ratings may be divided into two lines according to  AIC B 23/2021 when applicable requirements are met)
  • Validity of ratings must be according to current EASA regulations
  • If a type, class or instrument rating is revalidated in the period between the expiry date of this rating and 3 month before the expiry date, the new expiry date must be the previous expiry date plus the validity of this rating
  • If a rating is revalidated earlier than 3 months before the expiry date, the new expiry date will be the end of present month plus validity of this rating.
  • If a pilot wants an expiry date earlier than the one calculated in previous bullets, the competent Authority must be involved.
  • Revalidated or renewed Instructor privileges can not be entered in the licence
  • Revalidation and renewal of Examiner privileges must never be endorsed in the certificate by an Examiner.
  • If an Examiner has any doubts in the licence endorsement proces, DO NOT ENDORSE THE LICENCE.
General requirements