Issue, and recurrent

Issue, and recurrent

Below is a schematic layout of the examiner system. For a more detailed version see this diaz link: Examiner sys req

First Examiner Certificate.

To become an examiner in the EASA system there are requirements to training and testing. Further more an applicant must be an instructor and fulfill pre requisite requirements, as specified in Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011, from April 8th 2013 Annex 1 subpart K.
Before starting the training, an examiner application form must be completed.
Once an applicant fulfills pre requisite requirements, "Examiner Theory Generel" must be must be completed. This is done by attending an examiner seminar, see "Procedures"-->"Examiner seminars" for details.
"Examiner Theory specific" and "Examiner Flight generel" is all done as selfstudy and in connection with the flight training. The applicant will recieve the material used, and it will be thouroughly reviewed with an inspector or a senior examiner appointed by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority. 

"Examiner Flight specific" is the practical part of the training and this is done either in simulator, aircraft or both, depending on the privileges applied for. Generally the requirements for the flight training is 2 trainingflights per privilege applied for. This means that if an examiner applies for a CRE with privilege for SEP(land), MEP(land) and SET(land) he will require 6 training flights. Training fligths will be performed with dummies, and unless otherwise arranged, the applicant will provide dummies and training device/ training aircraft.
The last training fligt will act as progress test and here the applicant must show the required skills to proceed to the examiner assessment of competence.
At the examiner assessment of competence the applicant will perform an actual test, check or assessment according to the privileges seeked. This check will be assessed by an inspector or a senior examiner nominated by the authority. After a succesful completion of this assessment, the applicant will recieve an examiner certificate containing the privileges applied for.
Note that all Examiner training and assessments will be performed by an Inspector or a Senior Examiner appointed by the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.

Revalidation Examiner Certificate.

In order to revalidate an examiner certificate that has not yet expired, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

(1) conducted at least 2 skill tests, proficiency checks or instructor assessments of competence every year.
(2) attended an Examiner seminar provided by the competent authority, during the last year of the validity period. 
(3) One of the skill tests, proficiency checks or instructor assessments completed during the last year of the validity period in accordance with (1) shall have been assessed by an inspector from the competent authority or by a senior examiner specifically authorised to do so by the authority.

The examiner application form must be used to apply for this revalidation.

It is important to notice, that it is required that the applicant has performed 2 tests, checks and assessments per examiner privilege held.(TRE, CRE, IRE etc) If this requirement is not fulfilled for one or more of the privileges, this privilege will be lost unless the check mentioned in (3) above is flown with this privilege.
This little cartoon may be used to clarify this issue. SNOOPY

Renewal Examiner Certificate.

To renew an examiner certificate that has expired, the applicant must fulfill pre entry requirements for an initial examiner application in PART-FCL subpart K. When it is verified that these requirements are met, the applicant must attend an examiner seminar as for a new examiner applicant. Once this seminar is succesfully completed, the applicant must pass an examiner assessment of competence.

It is important to notice, that the inspector or senior examiner performing this assessment, will check that the applicant has required knowledge and skills to perform the privileges applied for and is up to date with current regulations.

The examiner application form must be used for the examiner renewal procedure.

TRE extension further types.

Extension of TRE privileges to include further types is only relevant for TRE(MPA), since there are no type restrictions to single pilot aircrafts.

If an examiner wants to extend the privileges to another type, there are no training requirements, the only requirement is an examiner assessment of competence.

Note that this assessment will not change the expire date of the examiner certificate. If the applicant want to extend the examiner certificate expire date he/she must attend an examiner seminer before this examiner assessment.

The examiner assessment form must be used to extend a TRE(MPA) to further types.New Examiner qualificationss.

New Examiner qualifications.

To obtain additional Examiner qualifications, this could be an Examiner holding a FE who want to obtain an IRE or an Examiner holding TRE(MPA) incl TR, SKT, IR(PCR) and ATPL who want to add the privilege AofC(TRI,SFI).

In these cases the applicant must fullfil the same requirements as an applicant for a new Examiner certificate, however since this is a specific theoretical and practical qualification, there is no requirement for participation in the Examiner seminar (Theory general).

After completion of this specific training the applicant must pass an assessment of competence showing required competencies in this or one of these new privileges.

The applicant may choose to participate in the Examiner Seminar in connection with this training, to extend all examiner privileges by 3 years.

If this is not done, the expiry date of the Examiner certificate will remain unchanged.