Skilltest privileges

Procedure for designating examiners to conduct skilltests

 ARA.FCL.205 Monitoring of examiners require that the authority developes procedures to designate examiners to conduct skilltests. The Danish Transport Authority have made the following requirements if an examiner seeks this privilege:

-have a valid examiner certificate
-be considered competent for the task
-have an acceptable personality and character
-show good cooperation with the competent authority.
-meet requirements in Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 subpart K
-attend an examiner seminar
-have conducted 20 relevant checks as examiner or have recieved additional Examiner training covering these privileges
-perform an examiner assessment of competence during a skilltest
-meet any other requirements considered relevant

 Examiners seeking these privileges shall use the examiner application form.

The authorities can require documentation and a meeting to make sure that above mentioned requirements are fulfilled.